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Welcome to the HireWorx Process! 

The HireWorx Process is an integrated recruiting, hiring and onboarding system designed specifically for in-house recruiters and hiring managers at small and medium enterprises. We help you find, select and keep the best fit, A-Player, employees confidently and faster in any profession or industry. 


What if you could confidently make the right hiring decisions, time after time? What if you had a way to gauge the true fit, character, attitude, determination and even team-orientation of each candidate? What would your organization’s culture and bottom line look like a year from now? These are the questions keeping business owners and general managers around the world up at night. I know because I've been there.

My name is John Weisenberger and I’ve been hiring and managing people for over 30 years… first as an engineering manager; then as a sales and marketing manager, and lastly as a general manager in a couple of different industries. And yes, I’ve made a few bad hires in my career, including and engineer who couldn’t code and a quality manager who was always absent.

I’ve hired product managers, customer service reps, sales reps and just about every type of manufacturing employee either personally or through one of my line managers.

I'll also say, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you understand that the business world has changed a lot in the last few years and the challenge of hiring and retaining good, reliable, conscientious employees has become much more difficult than it once was.

Fortunately, I’ve learned from my bad hire experiences how to implement a consistent recruiting and interviewing process that can enable businesses and their internal organizations to confidently hire smarter and faster using a disciplined, repeatable process, using scientifically validated psychometric assessments and actionable “beyond the resume data” to select the right people for the right positions.

I firmly believe hiring great fit, A-Player, employees shouldn't be a "hit or miss" gamble, and that’s why I created the data-driven HireWorx Process for recruiting and hiring GREAT FIT, A-player, employees for small and medium-sized business owners and general managers just like you!


Please take some time to check out our process by watching the short videos above.

To your hiring success!


John Weisenberger, CCP

Founder, Arcadium Group LLC

Creator, The HireWorx Process

Phone: 330-800-1863


Calendar: Http://


PS: We support businesses of all sizes and types, including manufacturing, trades, hospitality, property management, home care services and various other services. Small companies and bigger companies. Our sweet spot tends to be a company hiring between 10 and 50 employees per year.


The Best A-Player Hiring Process

Hire Great Fit Employees Using The HireWorx Process

The HireWorx Big 5 Assessments Software Explained


Big 5 Assessments Software Overview

Pre-Employment Testing is crucial when hiring. 

Watch the short video above to learn all about this powerful pre-employment assessment software in less than 4 minutes.

HireWorx Big 5 Pre-Employment
Assessments Software FREE Trial

The HireWorx Big 5 Assessments Software is used by hundreds of repeat customers over the past 20 years. However, the best way to judge its accuracy is to read your own report and judge for yourself. You can start immediately. No training required.

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DISCLAIMER: The Arcadium Group LLC shall not be liable for any actions, omissions and/or decisions made by any user of HireWorx Process training, coaching or use of the Big 5 Assessment software application, including, without limitation, hiring, firing, demotion and promotion decisions.


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