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HireWorx Process co-creators, Chris and John Weisenberger, have experienced firsthand the challenges that come with building and managing successful businesses – both online and offline. Based on John’s managerial experiences at companies such as Rockwell Automation, Honeywell International and Western Reserve Controls, as well as hiring and managing virtual contract employees around the world at, Chain Reactions Marketing and other ventures; plus Chris' experiences working in sales for Roach-Reid, Time Warner Cable and ADVO Systems, they know the success of any business relies on having the right people in the right positions. Unfortunately, finding great fit, A-Player, employees that will be productive and stay with your business long-term is often a matter of getting lucky during the recruiting and hiring process.


Believing that hiring great fit employees shouldn't be something left to chance, they decided to create a new product and service offering for John's consulting and coaching practice and thus the HireWorx Recruiting and Hiring Process was born. To learn more about how the HireWorx Process can improve your businesses' chances of hiring more great fit, A-Player, employees just click here:

To your hiring success!

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DISCLAIMER: The Arcadium Group LLC shall not be liable for any actions, omissions and/or decisions made by any user of HireWorx Process training, coaching or use of the Big 5 Assessment software application, including, without limitation, hiring, firing, demotion and promotion decisions.


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