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How The HireWorx Process Will Help You 

The future of your business, organization, or team is dependent on the quality of the people you recruit and keep. By adopting a structured and comprehensive hiring process that includes pre-employment psychometric assessments, you’re taking the first step in recruiting and retaining the "right fit" A-Player talent you need. With the HireWorx 3-phase, 9-step, hiring process, you'll consistently and confidently make hiring a repeatable core competency that helps you differentiate yourself from competitors while cutting the time and cost involved in the searching, interviewing and hiring of great fit employees.

HireWorx Process Phases

Why The HireWorx Process Is Unique 


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COMPLETE HIRING PROCESS Integrated Into Your Business Operations

End-to-end, repeatable and measurable, process helping general managers, business owners and line managers save time while rapidly improving their hiring decision quality and confidence (in just 90 days or less) by eliminating the risk of making a bad hiring decision, wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates or paying expensive agency fees to have outside recruiters provide candidates for you.  


Comprehensive Range of Pre-Employment Assessments
Covers all aspects of your candidate’s suitability to join your company and be successful in their role. Big 5 Assessment software includes CV/Resume Filtering, Job Personality Fit, Cognitive Ability, Integrity/Attitude, Teamwork affinity plus an Assessment Truthfulness/Validity measurement. Every assessment you need to provide proof of a candidate's fit for further consideration.

Easy To Read Assessment Reports

Short and to-the-point graphical and narrative assessment reports show you how and where candidates fit the benchmark for your open position and where you may want to probe deeper during an interview. Candidates take their assessments once and then you can compare the candidate to as many different job benchmarks as you wish at no additional cost. Currently we have over 130 pre-made job benchmarks included with your HireWorx package. If desired, additional customized benchmarks can be generated for your business at a small additional cost.

Gain Insights Across The Employee Lifecycle

You can use Big Five Assessments to not only provide insight in the recruitment and selection process but also the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding, development planning, succession planning, identifying leadership potential to talent management and talent pooling. There are no hidden costs for additional reports and insights. You can generate our full range of reports (i.e. job fit reports, leadership potential reports, development reports, competency-based reports, etc) at no additional cost. 

Proven Email Templates, Evaluation Scorecards, Job Application Forms, etc.

You get our full library of recruiting, interviewing, selection and onboarding materials to make your hiring efficient and traceable for ISO 9000 or other compliance requirements. 


Unlimited Lifetime Access to Online Training
There is no requirement to complete formal training or possess expert qualifications to understand and use the HireWorx Process and Big 5 Assessments software. You'll be up and running on the same day with our brief online video tutorials.
However, you will get full, life time, access to our online training program for yourself and an unlimited number of your hiring managers. This training covers all 9-steps of the HireWorx Process teaching participants how to recruit better candidates and then perform in-depth, "beyond-the-resume" interviews using the reports and interview questions provided by the software.


"Train the Trainer" Certification Program (Optional)

If desired, a more in-depth HireWorx Process "Train the Trainer" certification program is available should you wish to develop your own in-house training.


ChatGPT AI for Recruiting (Optional)

Learn how to use ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence to quickly create Job Success Profiles, Job Descriptions and Recruitment Advertisements. Build your own branded career web page using ChatGPT generated copy and provide unique Big 5 Assessments Event URL's for your candidates to apply and complete your online recruitment process and assess all applicants at the point of their application submission.

HireWorx Pro Coaching and Technical Support
Up to 9 hours of HireWorx Process implementation support included to ensure that you get the very best out of your use of The HireWorx Process and Big Five Assessments software.

Simple And Cost-Effective Pricing 

The HireWorx Process is perfect for small and medium enterprises

Even if you're a small business that only recruits now and again, you'll find the HireWorx Process a perfect fit. Not only can you implement it right away, you can also buy as little or as much help as you need.


For example, if you only need the HireWorx Process training and templates, then just buy the training. If you only want the Big 5 Assessments Software, then just purchase a software subscription*. And if you want to start with just the HireWorx Pro Coaching to help you put together a HireWorx IHS (Integrated Hiring System) Implementation Plan, then just go for the coaching first. We're really quite flexible and would even be happy to provide a custom package quote if you'd like.

*About Our Unlimited Use Software Subscriptions

"Many other recruitment and assessment providers charge by the test and/or even by the report! I believe it's difficult for my clients to fully implement and utilise the full power of the Big 5 Assessments software as part of their recruitment and selection process if they are always having to make a purchasing decision every time they want to assess anyone. To get the most value from using the HireWorx Process my clients typically assess every applicant that applies for a job at the very top of the recruitment funnel. HireWorx provides you an all-inclusive fixed fee that includes unlimited access to all of the Big 5 Assessments and reports to be used on all of your candidates, with access to all of the available reports. One price, no set up fees, no support fees, no hidden fees. Unlimited use subscriptions are a simpler, better, and less expensive way to price the value that assessment software provides to the hiring process." ~JW

HireWorx Big 5 Pre-Employment
Assessments Software FREE Trial

The HireWorx Big 5 Assessments Software is used by hundreds of repeat customers over the past 20 years. However, the best way to judge its accuracy is to read your own report and judge for yourself. You can start immediately. No training required.

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DISCLAIMER: The Arcadium Group LLC shall not be liable for any actions, omissions and/or decisions made by any user of HireWorx Process training, coaching or use of the Big 5 Assessment software application, including, without limitation, hiring, firing, demotion and promotion decisions.


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