Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What's the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Consultant?


A) Like an athletic coach, a business coach works on bringing out the talent that's already inside of you. In executive business coaching, together we focus on the “total picture” of what it is you want to create for your business, your current lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to live after you exit your business in the future. We'll talk about your business and lifestyle vision and the things that will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams and goals during the daily, monthly and yearly tasks that will be necessary to achieve your vision.

As your personal executive coach, together we'll focus on developing YOU to your highest potential, as well as developing your business. I'll encourage you, support you, applaud you, empathize with you. I'll help you discover honest insights into where things aren't working today and help you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward to implement that plan. To learn more about my Executive Coaching Services, Click Here.

Alternatively, if hired as a consultant, I'll come to the partnership as an expert, whether it be in small business marketing, strategic planning, sales excellence or general business operational activities. For example, the focus of a consulting engagement is to get projects and tasks done that will enhance your business.


  • Annual Operating Plans (AOP) long-term Strategic Plans (STRAP)

  • Service/product portfolio planning and pricing

  • Delegation/dealing with staff and sub-contractors

  • Sales Lead Generation and Proposal Closure

  • Traditional B2B or B2C Marketing Plans

  • Back-Office Systems for running your business

  • etc. etc.

After careful discussion and analysis of what results you're looking to achieve through a strategic consulting engagement, together we'll create a plan of action for moving forward on your projects and objectives.  

To learn more about my Consulting Services, Click Here.

Q) How will I know you're the right Business Coach and/or Consultant for me?

A) During our initial 30 minute conversation/discovery session, together we will identify if this is an appropriate fit. So, before you say "yes", you will have a sample of what the coaching/consulting experience will be like. Until then, click on my ABOUT and SERVICES pages to learn more about me and my approach to coaching and/or consulting.

Q) Are there professional standards for the coaching industry?

A) Yes, there is a code of ethics, core competencies, accreditation processes and a Certified Coaches Federation (industry association) that promotes the advancement of coaches. To learn more about this, click here:

Q) How do I get started in the coaching or consulting process?

A) If you're interested in beginning the coaching process, please contact me via email or phone so we can schedule our initial discovery session to further explore the details of a coaching relationship. The SCHEDULE YOUR CALL NOW buttons on this website will allow you access to my online calendar where you can schedule a call with me at a time most convenient to you.

Q) What if I sign up for this and decide it is not right for me? Do you have a money back guarantee?

A) Yes, I call it my "No Regrets" guarantee. As a business owner, I understand the need for a measurable ROI on all the investments you make to grow your business. The principle I follow for my own business is: Never spend a dollar unless you are confident you can make (or save) more than a dollar.”


I want you to feel complete confidence when you invest with me. I want you to have the results you want and deserve. So, my guarantee to you is: when you invest in any one of my coaching programs, show up for the calls, follow the steps and do the work, I guarantee you’ll start experiencing the results outlined in our Coaching Agreement OR I’ll refund to you the difference between the Program Fee you paid and the financial results you achieved.


I’m taking on this risk because I want you to invest wisely, with confidence, and know that I’m on your team.

I take your success seriously, because when you’re successful, I’m successful.




Q) What is included in "Signing Bonus" package I'll receive when I enter into your executive coaching program?

A) As a private coaching client you will receive access to a special Private Client Area within the coaches console website. In this Private Client Area you will have access to exclusive Signing Bonus items and content prepared exclusively for clients of John Weisenberger Worldwide. A partial listing of these Bonus Items is below:

  1. Exclusive access to my Chain Reactions Marketing System training videos and course materials:

  2. Invitations to members only Webinars

  3. Free Chain Reactions Critical Mass Newsletter subscription

  4. Membership in the John Weisenberger Worldwide Success Network Group Coaching Program (for as long as you're an active private coaching client)

  5. and much more...



Q) Can I contact you in-between our scheduled coaching sessions?

A) Yes! In the event that you would like support on something that comes up in between our meetings, you can post an inquiry to the Client Log area of your Private Client Area and we can have "just in time" coaching.




Q) What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

A) It's easy. With at least a 48 hour notice, you can reschedule any appointment by using the online calendar available in your Private Client Website Area (assigned when you become a client)




Q) How do I easily make my payments for my coaching or consulting services?

A) Depending on the type of payment plan you choose (Full Pay or Installment Plan), you'll receive an email invoice from me letting you know the amount committed to for that period.

Q) What are the various methods of payment I can use to pay for my coaching services?

A) I accept Checks or Credit Card payments (processed by PayPal.) If paying by monthly installments you can also have my team process your payments for you on a Credit Card by filling out a Credit Card Authorization Form.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please don't hesitate to ask.