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Books By John

Below you'll find information about the books I've written. As an author I'm also available for speaking at annual conventions, chamber meetings, online Webinars and private events. Information about my speaking topics and a partial list of past speaking engagements can be reviewed by Clicking Here.


“The Information in This Book is Pure Gold When it Comes to Business” – Karsun Design Photography



In his fascinating book entitled, “Chain Reactions: How to Create Massive Customer Loyalty and Profits Using Customer Experience Management” John Weisenberger reveals clearly defined business strategies that are essential when creating a differentiated, preeminent, brand. His invaluable personal experience clarifies and presents solutions to alleviate common Customer Experience blunders. Displaying an immense wealth of knowledge, John will leave you feeling empowered and excited to unlock new business opportunities through Customer Experience Marketing. 


"A compelling book for anyone interested in selling into international markets. John covers the many facets of being successful in a global marketplace; the business components you have thought of - and the ones you have not. An absolute prerequisite for expanding business internationally." 

–Jennifer Schaus


Never before in history have small businesses had the potential to reach new international customers as easily and inexpensively as they can today using online communication tools and e-commerce systems over the Internet. In this book John Weisenberger explains:


  • How to make sure your Website will attract international customers

  • How to use social networks and personal relationships to develop new distribution channels, new products and more

  • How to manage all the challenges of taking international payments online (i.e. credit card fraud, taxation, etc.)

  • How to leverage your businesses' Intellectual Property using Virtual Franchising licensing strategies that avoid all the legal and regulatory overhead that is often involved with setting up and doing business in other countries

  • and much, much more



Want to SELL Your Business FAST so

You Can Retire or Do Something Different? 

Don’t wait until the coming owner exit tidal wave impacts your ability to sell your business to who you want, when you want, and for the amount you want. 

Discover the Seven Steps That Will Sell Your Business In Half The Time, For More Money, So You Can

Beat The Coming Exit Tsunami!


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* 8 GB Amazon 7" Fire Tablet 

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"A must read book for 50+ year old business owners looking to sell their business in the next 5 years"

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