Affiliate Partner Program

Welcome Affiliate Partners!


At, I’m dedicated to creating and delivering life and business changing products, programs and events that inspire and enable business owners to create more financial freedom, more fun and more success in their business and personal lives.

And because I "practice what I preach," I follow one of my own Chain Reactions Marketing® strategies by growing my business through personal referrals and endorsements from strategic partners and friends who know and trust me to deliver 100% real and honest business transformation.


And even though my clients often find my website and programs on their own, I highly appreciate it when people are referred to me by others – like you! 

So to reward those who refer others to my coaching and training programs, I’ve created the Chain Reactions Marketing® Affiliate Partner Program. 


There’s no cost to join, you can simply contact me for a short introduction phone call using the sign-up link below.

Once approved as an Affiliate Program Partner, I’ll pay you a 50% commission for every eligible training and group coaching sale and a 15% commission on every live event registration or one-on-one private coaching package sign-up purchased through your affiliate referral link.


For example, on a $10,000 private coaching package, that’s a $1500 commission in your pocket! …just for recommending me to someone… how easy is that!


Who can become an Affiliate Partner?


Anyone can become a Chain Reactions Marketing® Affiliate Partner… and the best part is it is free to join. So long as you understand:

  1. You can only use ethical marketing methods to promote my products and coaching programs

  2. I will NOT tolerate anyone promoting via unsolicited e-mail marketing (or "spam")

  3. You do not promote on sites or through marketing that contain offensive content

So are you ready to take the next step to putting some easy cash in your pocket?


To join my Chain Reactions Marketing® Affiliate Partner Program, simply click on the link.

<< Click Here Now to Join >>

I'm looking forward to working with you to create even more success and prosperity for you!

John Weisenberger

Founder & CEO Chain Reactions Marketing

Creator of the Endorsement Partner Formula


Still have Questions?

If you have a question or need more information, please contact me by email


Affiliate Program Simple Terms and Conditions:

  1. Now and again (not often) I may get returns or cancellations. If the product you received a commission on is returned, I’ll deduct the paid commission from your future affiliate payment. However, I have a standard No Regrets money back policy so this shouldn’t happen.

  2. If your referral sale is on a payment plan, you will be paid your affiliate commission when they have paid their account in full.

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