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Hire The Right Person FAST! 

The HireWorx Process With Big 5 Assessment Software Gives You The Ability to:

  • Recruit your ideal candidates with just the right skills, experience and personality fit for your business

  • Screen and shortlist candidates more quickly and robustly

  • Create job offer "packages of value" your chosen candiadte can not refuse

  • Make a great hire fast!


"The HireWorx Process training with Big 5 Assessment software has been a total game changer for me. My hiring decision confidence and results improved quickly. Really great to have found this system."

- Joe Sixpack

Improve Your Hiring Results With Our Suite of Premier Training and Psychometrics Software

HireWorx Masterclass Training 

Some personalities will thrive in a particular job role, while most others will struggle. This is regardless of their skills, qualifications or experience. This is purely a function of their personality fit for the role. Discover how to capture the critical success profile of any job and the persona of the "right fit" candiates who will thrive in your work environment and then learn how to recriut and interview those candidates who will stay with you for the long-term reducing your empoyee turnover costs.


Attend our 20-minute Free video training today!

Big 5 Assessments Software

We all have different abilities, attitudes, values and personalities. Ensuring the applicants you interview are "fit for purpose" is a critical component of reducing employee turnover, selecting top performers and reducing "bad hire" risks.

Chances are you get lots of applicants and lots of emails and resumes to sift through. But selecting new employees with just a resume review and a single interview is not enough to predict future job performance. Using Big 5 pre-employment assessments is an effective way to help you identify high potential candidates quickly and easily.


Whatever job role you are filling, our Big 5 Assessment software will help you recruit the right personalities and make hiring decisions that are better informed and data-driven.


Easy-to-use, cloud-based, and affordable

  • Short Assessments

Assessments take between 6 to 10 minutes

  •  Recruitment & Development

Use for selection, onboarding, development and engagement

  •  Insightful Reports

Visual and consise reports - no jargon

  • 130+ Job Success Benchmarks

Run candidates against multiple benchmarks

  • Affordable Pricing Options

Plans and packages to suit all budgets

HireWorx Pro Coaching

HireWorx Process creator and CCF certified coach John Weisenberger, leads our HireWorx Pro Coaching programs facilitating your implmentation of the Hireworx Process as well as our popular HireWorx EOS sessions. To see if one of our coaching programs is right for you, John is offering a free 30-minute introductory call for prospective new clients.


So go ahead and schedule your free call with John using the button below so you can discover why finding the right hires for your open positions has been so hit or miss in the past, and what you can do to change that going forward.

What Can The HireWorx Process Do For You?


Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costing you a fortune. The average cost to replace an employee today is over $17,000. Hiring the right fit individual can reduce your staff turnover quickly and effectively. 


 Increase Employee Productivity  

Only when an employee is in the right job can they truly excel. Our Big 5 Personality, Cognitive, Attitude, Engagement and Advanced Reasoning assessments will help you place the right person in the right job. The Big 5 personality report alone will help you hire people who can work to their natural strengths and perform at their highest and best use levels.


Reduce Risk and Disruption

Hiring the wrong person not only sees their productivity suffer, but it can also affect everyone else they are working beside. The wrong person can reduce everyone’s productivity. The wrong person can be very disruptive and do a lot of damage before they leave. Stop guessing and taking risks. Get the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.


Save Time

Processing multiple job candidate resumes is very time consuming. The Big 5 Assessments software can help you prioritise your candidates and save you a lot of time by only interviewing those whose profile may be the best fit for your open position.


Save Money

Paying external recruiter fees to hire one of their provided candidates can cost you more than 25% of their first year salary. By some estimates, the wrong hire can cost a business up to 2.5x the salary — easily over $100,000. That’s a mistake many small businesses simply can’t afford to make.  The Hireworx Process can help make sure your next hire is going to be a good fit for your business.

How The HireWorx Process Works 

Phase 1) Recruit the best fit candidates for your open position - First, the HireWorx Process helps you create a Job Success Profile wherer you'll identify the position requirements and the persona (a.k.a. personality type) for the type of individuals who historically have been successful in that position. Next, the Recruitment Strategy step ensures you’ll achieve a well-organized recruitment plan that keeps the entire recruiting and hiring team on the same page finding the best fit candidates for that position. After that, you'll use the Recruit Candidates step to successfully attract the ideal target candidates that best fit the company's open positions

2) Select a Report Design That Matches Your Job Title - In your software control room there are many report designs to choose from. Select one that most closely resembles your job role. If you are not sure, please provide us with your job description and a report design will be recommended.

3) Use the Report To Guide Your Interview - Each report is written as an interview guide so it not only tells you about the candidate’s personality, it also provides interview questions to ask. These are the questions that will reveal the candidate's personality fit for the specific job and work environment for your open position. Interview Pro reports can help you make an informed hiring decision, reducing your risk of hiring the wrong candidate. 

Do I Need Any Special Training?

No Training Required

Most profiling systems require you to go on a training course to learn how to interpret the results and use them. The Big 5 Assessments software takes a different approach and writes the reports in plain English. These jargon-free reports can be used by anyone. No interpretation of the report is require because the psychometric analysis has been done by the software before you get your report. Each candidate's report can be used to ask the right interview questions by even the most inexperienced interviewer allowing them to conduct an insightful and revealing interview.


Use Right Away

Busy line managers do not have time to take a course on psychometrics. You want a tool you can use right away. PRO  is simple to use and jargon free. There is no learning curve. If you can use a computer Internet browser, you can use INTERVIEW PRO.

Validity and Reliability

For over 20 years thousands of businesses have used the software technology powering  PRO and the most common response is that it is “spookily accurate”. Try it for yourself and you be the judge.

So What Does All This Cost?

By now I believe you can see that  PRO software can deliver a lot of value. 


But don't worry, the cost is going to be much less than you think!


  • Much less than it should be based on the value of this incredible software tool.

  • Much less than hiring an outside recruiter to help you select the best candidates to hire.

  • And MUCH, MUCH less than making a bad hire because you couldn't see a personality "mis-fit" for an open position you've had.


INTERVIEW PRO is perfect for large and small businesses.


Even if you're a small business that only recruits now and again, then you will find  PRO a perfect fit. Not only can you use it right away with no specialist training, but you can also just buy the credits you need. If you only need one credit, then just buy one credit. 


No Risk Free Trial

After you sign up for the free trial and complete the Personality Profile Questionnaire, you are provide with a free extract from your own personal report. Your full report is 40 pages long. The free report extract will give you an idea of just how insightful our personality report is. We are confident that you will find the report to be incredibly accurate.


 PRO has many happy, repeat customers. However, if after purchasing  PRO you are not completely satisfied, we offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, successful customers.

Try it For FREE. Get Prices.

Read Your Own Report For FREE

No Credit Card Required

Takes 5 Minutes

Reach professionals with just the right skills and experience. Get great applicants fast. Post your free job in minutes with pre-written job templates. Make a great hire fast!

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person, you know that it’s not only expensive but it’s also a very public mistake. Everybody can see that you hired the wrong person, and it can take a long time to rectify. I know because I've made a few bad hires myself over the years.

Fortunately I've learned from my mistakes and have discovered how to make better hiring decisions.


If you'd like to confidently hire great people who are naturally good at their job, and who will remain with your business for years, then I want to invite you watch the short video below.

In this short video you’ll discover how to know who to hire and who to avoid. Plus, you’ll discover how to save a fortune in recruitment agency fees and you'll spend a lot less time on interviewing the wrong candidates that are wasting your time and distracting you from your doing your main job.

So go ahead and watch the short video below to discover why finding good candidates for your open positions has been so hit or miss in the past, and what you can do to change that.


John Weisenberger

P.S. Still on the fence? Think about it this way...


If you don't try this software tool, will your business make another bad hire... if it hasn't already?

It's EASIER to avoid hiring mistakes using  PRO than guessing about a person's true personality fit for your team.


Don't let that happen to you.


Why not give it a shot?

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