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Confidently Hire
The Right Person Every Time 

The HireWorx Process With Big 5 Assessments Software Gives You The Ability to:

Big 5 personality testing software
  • Recruit your ideal candidates with just the right skills, experience and personality fit for your business

  • Screen and shortlist candidates more quickly and robustly

  • Create job offer "packages of value" your chosen candidate can not refuse

  • Make a great hire fast!

Chris HireWorx Process testimonial

"The HireWorx Process training with Big 5 Assessments software has been a total game changer for me. My hiring decision confidence and results improved quickly. Really happy to have found this system."  ~Chris W.,


Improve Your Hiring Results With Our Suite of Premier Training and Psychometrics Software

HireWorx Process Roadmap

HireWorx Process Full Course Highlights

  • How to Create a Job Success Profile

Why this is more than just a job description

  •  How to Identify the Persona of Ideal Candidates

Use for recruiting, interviewing, selection, onboarding

  •  Understand the Concept of Personality Fit

 How to match candidates to positions

  • How to Develop Compelling Job Postings

Persona matched ads for Indeed, ZipRecuiter, etc.

  • How to Create "Package of Value" Job Offers

Create "more than money" offers they can't refuse 

HireWorx Process Training 

The HireWorx Process is a unique 3-phase, 9-step system for helping general managers, business owners and line managers rapidly improve their hiring decision confidence (in just 90 days or less) eliminating the risk of making a bad hiring decision, wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates or paying expensive agency fees to have outside recruiters screen interview candidates for you.  


Upon completing the 3-hour HireWorx Process training you'll have a deeper understanding of:

  • How much it costs to hire the wrong person

  • Why your current interviewing process doesn’t work and what you can do to improve it.


Plus you'll receive all the worksheets, checklists and candidate interview guides you can use during your next open position interviews. To learn how HireWorx Process training will improve your hiring confidence and results fast, watch our FREE overview video today!

Big 5 Assessments Software

We all have different abilities, attitudes, values and personalities. Ensuring the applicants you interview are "fit for purpose" is a critical component of reducing employee turnover, selecting top performers and reducing "bad hire" risks.

Chances are you get lots of applicants and lots of emails and resumes to sift through. But selecting new employees with just a resume review and a single interview is not enough to predict future job performance. Using Big 5 pre-employment assessments is an effective way to help you identify high potential candidates quickly and easily.


Whatever job role you are filling, our Big 5 Assessment software will help you recruit the right personalities and make hiring decisions that are better informed and data-driven.

 Big5Assessments Software Screen

Easy-to-use, cloud-based software

  • Short Assessments

Assessments take between 6 to 10 minutes

  •  Recruitment & Development

Use for selection, onboarding, development and engagement

  •  Insightful Reports

Visual and consise reports - no jargon

Run candidates against multiple benchmarks

  • Affordable Pricing Options

Plans and packages to suit all budgets

HireWorx Process Pro Coaching
HireWorx Pro Coaching

HireWorx Process creator and CCF certified Executive Coach John Weisenberger leads our HireWorx Pro Coaching programs facilitating your implementation of the HireWorx Process as well as our popular HireWorx IHS workshops. To see if one of our coaching programs is right for you, John is offering a FREE 30-minute introductory call for prospective HireWorx users.

How Can The HireWorx Process Help You?

hand-right 1

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costing you a fortune. The average cost to replace an employee today is over $17,000. Hiring the right fit individual can reduce your staff turnover quickly and effectively. 

hand-right 2

Increase Employee Productivity

Only when an employee is in the right job can they truly excel. Our Big 5 Personality, Cognitive, Attitude, Engagement and Advanced Reasoning assessments will help you place the right person in the right job. ThBig 5 personality report alone will help you hire people who can work to their natural strengths and perform at their highest and best use levels.

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Reduce Risk and Disruption

Hiring the wrong person not only sees their productivity suffer, but it can also affect everyone else they are working beside. The wrong person can reduce everyone’s productivity. The wrong person can be very disruptive and do a lot of damage before they leave. Stop guessing and taking risks. Get the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

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Save Time

Processing multiple job candidate resumes is very time consuming. The Big 5 Assessments software can help you prioritise your candidates and save you a lot of time by only interviewing those whose profile may be the best fit for your open position.

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Save Money

Paying external recruiter fees to hire one of their provided candidates can cost you more than 25% of the candidate's first year salary. By some estimates, the wrong hire can cost a business up to 2.5x the salary — easily over $100,000. That’s a mistake many small businesses simply can’t afford to make.  The HireWorx Process can help make sure your next hire is going to be a good fit for your business.

How The HireWorx Process Works 

The HireWorx Process is a unique 3-phase, 9-step system for helping business owners, general managers and other line managers, rapidly improve their hiring decision quality and confidence (in just 90 days or less) while eliminating the risk of making a bad hiring decision, wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates or paying expensive agency fees to have outside recruiters screen interview candidates for you.


With the HireWorx 3-phase, 9-step, hiring process, you'll consistently and confidently make hiring a repeatable core competency that helps you differentiate yourself from competitors while cutting the time and cost involved in the searching, interviewing and hiring of great fit employees.  

HireWorx Process Phases

Phase 1: Recruit - First, the HireWorx Process helps you create a Job Success Profile where you'll identify the position requirements and the persona (a.k.a. personality type) for the type of individuals who historically have been successful in that position. Next, the Recruitment Strategy step ensures you’ll achieve a well-organized recruitment plan that defines where you'll look for candidates and who will be on the interview team. After that, you'll use the Recruit Candidates step to successfully attract the ideal target candidates that best fit the company's open positions.

Phase 2: Assess Candidates - The Screen and Shortlist Candidates step helps you construct a shortlist of high potential ''best fit'' candidates to interview. The core mechanism for ensuring success in this step is use of the Big 5 Assessments software to identify which candidates have the "right fit" personality to be successful in the position. After shortlisting the best candidates based on their assessment results, in the Interview Plan Development step you'll learn how to create an optimal interview plan and question guide for each individual candidate that will provide "beyond the resume" insight into each candidate's fit for the position. The final step in the Assess Candidates Phase is to customize the Review Round One Results scoresheet to narrow the field to a small number of finalists that will move on to a final second round of interviews.

Phase 3: Offer & Onboarding - After you have Phase 1 and Phase 2 completed, we kick off the Offer & Onboard stage by building your Selection Decision process which helps you confidently decide on which finalist candidate is the best fit individual for the position. Fast and easy! Next up: Put in place the Job Offer Preparation step - the unique HireWorx step that helps you create a job offer ''package of value'' the candidate will eagerly accept. The final step of the HireWorx Process recruitment and hiring system is to ensure clients are able to achieve a new employee Onboarding experience that reduces time-consuming and costly disruptions inside your business. This final onboarding step is often overlooked but is extremely important to employee retention.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do companies still use personality tests?


A: Psychology Today reports 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality assessments for hiring as of September 2022


Q: Is pre-employement personality testing legal in the USA?


A: Yes, it is. No federal, state or local law prohibits the proper use of pre-employment tests. However, U.S. law prohibits discrimination against anyone on the basis of personal qualities that aren't job related. As an initial recognition, personality is not a protected class. Indeed, courts have routinely held that someone’s personality is a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason to not hire an applicant or take adverse employment action against an employee. See link.

Q: What's included in the HireWorx Process training?


A: The HireWorx Process training focuses on how to to recruit the best fit candidates for your open positions and then how to shortlist and interview them. Section three of the training then covers how to make a final selection decision that all the members of your interviewing team can agree on and how to get your selected candidate to eagerly accept your offer. 


Q: Is psychometrics knowledge required to use the Big 5 Assessments?


A: There is no requirement to complete formal training or possess expert qualifications. Our short and to-the-point graphical and narrative reports show you how and where candidates fit your requirements and where you need to probe deeper during the interview process. You'll be up and running on the same day with our Quick Start Guide and brief online tutorials.

Q: What's the validity and reliability of the Big 5 Assessments software


A: Based on the widely accepted Five Factors (a.k.a. Big 5) model, for over 20 years thousands of businesses have used the Big 5 Assessments software technology which has been recognised as Award winners for best supplier at the OnRec (recruitment industry) awards. Big 5 Assessments software has also been reviewed by the British Psychological Society, a copy of which is available from the Psychological Testing Centre website. 

Q: Can Candidates “Trick” the System?

A: Personality assessments are not a pass/fail type of test. They are assessments of personality, and therefore it is hard to “trick” the system when answering based on self-perception and awareness. The Big 5 Assessments software measures a Good Impression Scale that provides an indication as to whether the candidate has responded in an honest and open way to the assessment or if they have tried to exaggerate and disguise their responses, perhaps in an attempt to fake the assessment or second guess the assessment.

Q: Should I share assessment results with a candidate?


A:  We would not recommend giving out the results of an assessment to a candidate. If you do, they may argue over the results. Remind them that the assessments are not a test and there is no pass of fail grading. The assessments only reveal levels of personal traits.

Q: How long will it take to implement the Hireworx Process?


A: Implementing the HireWorx Process in your business initially will take time and energy as you roll it out to your hiring managers but the amount of time you will save over the long-term from having a solid set of recruitment and hiring tools in your business will mean you can potentially save hundreds of hours over the course of an average year by not having to hire for the same position over and over again. With the help of a HireWorx Pro Coach most HireWorx Process implementations can be done in as little as 90 days.

So What Does All This Cost?

The HireWorx Process is perfect for small and medium enterprises

Even if you're a small business that only recruits now and again, you'll find the HireWorx Process a perfect fit. Not only can you implement it right away, you can also buy as little or as much help as you need.


For example, if you only need the HireWorx Process training and templates, then just buy the online training course.


If you only want the Big 5 Pre-Employment Assessments Software, then just purchase a software license.


And if you only want help putting together a HireWorx IHS (Integrated Hiring System) Implementation Plan, then just go for the HireWorx Pro Coaching to get started.


We're really quite flexible and would be happy to provide any type of custom quote package as well. Just let us know.

Special Offer! Save 20% 

When You Purchase The Complete HireWorx IHS Bundle

Confident Hiring Made Simple!

Get the Complete HireWorx Integrated Hiring System (IHS) for One Low Price

Implement a complete Recruiting, Interviewing, Selection and Onboarding Process in 90 Days (with coaching included!)


The Complete HireWorx Process Online Training Course

Includes Video Training Plus Templates, Worksheets and Checklists

100 Big 5 Assessments Credits

Uses 1 Credit per candidate - (allows multiple reports per candidate)

HireWorx Pro Coaching 

9 Hours to Help You Implement the Process

Get The Complete HireWorx IHS Bundle

(Includes the HireWorx Online Training, 100 Big 5 Assessments plus 9 hours of HireWorx Pro Coaching)

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