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Training and Informational Videos

Below are videos on various topics I've presented on webinars, workshops and other appearances. I'm available for speaking at annual conventions, chamber meetings, online Webinars and private events. Information about my speaking topics and a partial list of past speaking engagements can be reviewed by Clicking Here.

First Impressions Matter! Your website, office, store-front, parking lot... everything produces a first impression in the people your business serves. Make sure your's is the best possible.

Replay of my Customer Retention Strategies presentation from the 2016 BizConCle small business convention

How to create loyal customers excerpt from my interview with Yifat Cohen the Google+ Goto Gal

How to avoid the 5 big mistakes that kill the ROI of marketing programs. 

Some have called Endorsement Partnerships the world's most powerful business strategy.

Watch the two videos above and then go to the link below to learn more about the

Endorsement Partner Formula Online Training and Group Coaching Program by Clicking Here

Excerpt from my book launch interview with Laura Leigh Clarke on ProsperityQM in the U.K. Learn about my background and what Chain Reactions Marketing is all about.

Check out my conversation with Yifat Cohen about collecting Voice of the Customer (VoC) Feedback as a competitive advantage

A short introduction covering my background

Watch to learn about the Chain Reactions Marketing Referral Success System or click here to get the eBook

5 Customer Retention Strategies to Stop Customer Defections


Check out the rest of my Videos on Youtube by Clicking Here

Downloadable Free eBooks

Below are several Special Reports, eBooks and Capability Assessment Tools you can download to help you learn more about marketing your business for accelerated growth. 

ebook cover - how to improve your advertising

Accountants, how many of these costly mistakes are you making with your advertising? Find out how to generate more leads and a better ROI in this free eBook.

How to "steal" your competitor's clients report cover

Learn how to "steal" your competitors best clients in this short Special Report. 

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Report Cover

How to avoid the 5 big mistakes that kill the ROI of marketing programs. 


Sales & Marketing Capabilities Online Self-Assessment. The purpose of this exercise is to find out where you and your business are in terms of Sales & Marketing capabilities so you can get clear about what you need to improve to take your business to the next level and the best next steps to get you there.  

Selecting A Peer Advisory Group Report Cover

Peer Advisory Group cost can vary widely and it’s often hard to determine which group will be the right fit for you and your business. This exclusive insider report will help make your decision easier.  

Endorsement Partner Marketing Book Cover

Every business, should have an Endorsement Marketing Program where you generate new business leads from other business partners who recommend your products or services to their customers, clients or patients. This Course Book will show you how.

First impressions matter! 

Your website, office, store front, parking lot, etc., etc. Everything produces a first impression emotional reaction in the people your business serves so those impressions must be managed if you want your brand to become the preeminent market leader that stands out from all the competition and makes more money as a result.

Creating First Impressions Book Cover
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