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  • Coach John

Using Momentum to Get Back Your Sales Mojo

If you’re feeling like life has passed you by and all your business goals are in a shambles, gathering a bit of momentum may be just what you need to get back your ‘sales mojo’ so you can begin to accomplish your business goals and enjoy life again.

Finding the actions you need to take, and putting momentum to work in your life and business, can put you back on the track to success. You can achieve your goals and dreams much easier with momentum than without it. For example, if you’ve ever ridden a bicycle you know it’s better to travel on a straight road than a bumpy, hilly one.

Momentum provides that straight road, free of obstacles to help you along. Any vision or business idea or goal requires momentum to smooth out the road and make it easier, more fun and more viable.

Some of the “friction” keeping your momentum slowed could include distractions, procrastination, disorganization, apathy and lack of confidence.

Bad habits can also wreak havoc on your goal setting and carrying through with any necessary tasks. For some of us, one thing may be just a bump in the road while for others that same thing might be a mountain.

The key is to take some time to sit down and figure out what has made your momentum stall so you can discover why you’ve never achieved lift-off with any of your goals – personal or business. When you write down some of the things holding you back, you can take steps to overcome them.

Besides taking action to create momentum in your life, you’ve also got to ensure you have the right mindset for success. All of your goals may be set and you may have even taken some actions to get the plans moving. But, if you don’t have the excitement or enthusiasm you need, any well-laid out plan is bound for failure.

If you don’t have enthusiasm for a career or any other life-changing action, it’s best to give it up or go back and analyze why you were once excited about it. What caused you to want to achieve a particular goal in the first place?

For example, pulling out a copy of an old novel you began to write years ago and thinking you’d like to finish writing it won’t actually make you sit down and get it done. But, if you take the draft, read through it and attempt to remember how you felt when you wrote the first page – or the outline for the book – you may pick up speed for the momentum you need to finish the book.

Using momentum to get your mojo back will propel you on to success.

If you’re having trouble identifying the obstacles in your life that are holding you back, the Mosenta Momentum Principles eBook can help you break through any obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals. You can get a free copy of the eBook by clicking here.


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