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Coach or Consultant?

One of the questions I hear most often from prospective clients is "what's the difference between an Executive Coach and a Management Consultant?"


Because of that confusion, I've described the basic differences below so we can talk about which of my services is the best fit for you and your team.

When hired as a Management Consultant, I'll come to the partnership as your business growth expert, whether it be in small business marketing, strategic planning, sales excellence or general business operational activities.


For example, the focus of a Management Consulting engagement is to get projects and tasks done that will enhance your businesses growth and valuation.


  • Annual Operating Plans (AOP) long-term Strategic Plans (STRAP)

  • Service/product portfolio planning and pricing

  • Delegation/dealing with staff and sub-contractors

  • Sales Lead Generation and Proposal Closure

  • Traditional B2B or B2C Marketing Plans

  • Back-Office Systems for running your business

  • etc. etc.

As a Management Consultant my background and business operational expertise is primarily in the following markets and industry segments but is not limited to these types of businesses.

  • Electronic Hardware and Software Product Development (Stage Gate, Agile processes, etc)

  • Manufacturing (metal stamping & fabrication, injection molding, assembly, etc.)

  • Internet Marketing and eCommerce (co-founder of and

  • Customer Experience Management and Marketing (see my book Chain Reactions @ Amazon)

  • International Sales and Marketing (see my book on Global Marketing @ Amazon)

  • Building Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Landscaping, House Painting, CPA, Financial Management, Law Firms, and others.

Alternatively, when hired to be your personal Executive Coach, like an athletic coach we'll work on improving or bringing out the talent that's already inside of you.


In an Executive Coaching relationship, together we'll focus on the “total picture” of what it is you want to create for your business, your current lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to live after you exit your business in the future.


We'll talk about your business and lifestyle vision and the things that will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams and goals during the daily, monthly and yearly tasks that will be necessary to achieve your vision.

I'll encourage you, support you, applaud you, empathize with you. I'll help you discover honest insights into where things aren't working today and help you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward to implement that plan. 

So how will you know which choice is best for you?


During our initial 30 minute conversation/discovery session, together we will identify if working together is an appropriate fit. So, before you say "yes", you'll have a sample of what the coaching/consulting experience will be like. Until then, you can click on my ABOUT and SERVICES pages to learn more about me and my approach to coaching and/or consulting.

After we have our initial discovery call ,and a thoughtful discussion and analysis of what results you're looking to achieve, together we'll create a plan of action for moving forward on your projects and objectives using which ever form of coaching or consulting relationship is the best choice for you.


John Weisenberger


PS: In many cases, a hybrid  coach-consultant solution can be the right solution so click on the button below and let's talk about what's right for you.



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Thanks for connecting with me!


John - I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided my company throughout our recent "corporate image makeover." I'm now a firm believer in the importance of having a brand management strategy for even a small business like mine. I really appreciate the extra attention and coaching you provided throughout the process and I look forward to other opportunities to leverage your company's expertise in the future."


Jim Folger, One Source Technical Inc.

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