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"Because you don't need to be perfect to have a successful online business"


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Winning, even if ugly, is still a win!

"Perfection is based on an external standard - an impossible to achieve one... Excellence is about striving to be the best you can possibly be. The standard is one set by yourself. The goal is to be YOUR best self, as opposed to chasing someone else's idea of what you should be."            

-Victor Cheng

In his book “Winning Ugly” famed tennis coach Brad Gilbert captures the problem with self criticism in two sentences: “When you get down on yourself—start beating yourself up mentally—there are now two players on the court trying to take you down. And one of them is you.” 

So how do you win ugly?

1.Define Winning

Rather than impulsively comparing ourselves to others or thinking goal achievement is winning, stop and think about three task areas you can win today. The more precise and simple the better. There are days my list includes: kids to bed before 9:00 pm, using the restroom without an audience, and “sweating in my creases.” While I may not have won the day, I did collect a few “W’s” along the way.

2. Recognize The “W”

After you win, take a moment to say “Wow, I did the damn thing.” As a stay at home mom my housekeeping, cooking, and caregiving went completely unnoticed, “oh wow, the way you folded that laundry was just next level” said no-one ever. While it may be small and perhaps even silly, take a second and give yourself some recognition. “I’m impressed with how I scraped that slime off the table, I’d normally let it sit there until it dried…handling things like a BOSS.”

3. Reset

It simply does NOT matter what the win looks like, it’s the fact that you won. You won wearing mismatched socks when you worked out because you worked out. You won when you showed up thirty minutes late to your friend’s party, you showed up. You win even when the bank account says you lose because well, you worked for that paper anyways.

The moment I stopped robbing myself of the joy of winning ugly my life changed. Learning to enjoy the ugly win can take time but it is worth the investment. When we allow ourselves to win without condition, true success is activated in the form of peace.

Winning isn’t about being pretty. Winning isn’t about being perfect. Winning is about giving your best and being okay with the outcome. Winning, even if ugly, deserves our respect.

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“Good golfers, I think, have to get over the notion that they only want to win by hitting perfect shots. They have to learn to enjoy winning ugly. And that entails acceptance of all the shots they hit, not just the good ones.”

 – Bob Rotella, “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect”

“[The way we're playing] might be ugly to some folks... I wouldn't mind winning ugly all the way to the Super Bowl”

 – Aaron Rodgers, “NFL Quarterback”

"Winning ugly is better than losing pretty."

- Dizzy Dean, MLB Hall of Fame.

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