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Want to SELL Your Business FAST so

You Can Retire or Do Something Different? 

Over 9 million businesses remain in the hands of the baby boomer owners who founded them.

Over $5 trillion in assets will change hands in the United States by 2025 just from the transfer of privately held businesses - greatly reducing average selling prices.

Don’t wait until the coming Exit Tsunami impacts your ability to sell your business to who you want, when you want, and for the amount you want.

Discover the Seven Steps That Will Sell Your Business In Half The Time, For More Money, So You Can

Beat The Coming Exit Tsunami!

"A must read book for 50+ year old business owners looking to sell their business in the next 5 years"


Pre-order Giveaway*


* 8 GB Amazon 7" Fire Tablet 

* $25 Amazon Gift Card

* Signed printed book

Entering my giveaway is simple. Just pre-order the Kindle or printed version of GENERATION EXIT at and then enter your Amazon receipt number into the giveaway form below along with your name and email address.

Thanks for your support and good luck!


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