The 5 Big Mistakes

That Are Killing Your Marketing ROI


John Weisenberger

Founder, Chain Reactions Marketing®

Creator, The Rapid ROI Marketing Course


The Problem...

With so many “proven” marketing strategies out there, it’s almost impossible to choose just one that will make a real difference in the growth of your business.


That's why so many business owners struggling to quickly grow their business fall victim to one or more of the five "more is better" marketing traps. And what do they get when they do? 

The key to getting results from your marketing efforts is to avoid the 5 big mistakes that kill the ROI of any marketing program.

Unfortunately, most business owners don't recognize that they're making these  mistakes so they often feel overly stressed, frustrated and unable to break free from the overwhelm that weighs down their lives while diminishing the results of their marketing efforts.


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