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How to “Steal” Your Competitors’ Best Clients and Prospects

"Stealing" a Competitor’s Client is a Skill You Can Learn.

Yes, "Stealing" a competitor’s client (a.k.a. account conversion) is a skill you can learn.

At its base, it all comes down to having a better brand value proposition, a better reputation, and

better marketing; something the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners already know and are doing anyway.

Plus, if you’re specifically targeting your competitors’ best clients, your chances for account conversion success increase for two reasons:

1) You’ll be targeting only those proven prospects who are (or who have) already purchased, or are in the process of purchasing, a product or service similar to yours and,

2) Your “jumping ship” client testimonials can encourage others businesses to switch as well.

Preparing Your “Client Stealing” Marketing Message

Thoughtfully and honestly answering the questions below, (with your staff if you have one) will enable you to create a marketing message that will accomplish the goal of stealing your competitor’s best clients and prospects:

1. What strategies or actions could your competitor(s) implement that would severely damage or cripple your ability to compete with them? After you identify that competitor strategy or action, then ask yourself why aren’t you doing that strategy/action to them?

2. What three significant benefits can you ascribe to your business that are so valuable that a prospect would choose you over all your competitors?

3. If you were your prospect, what client value proposition message would you need to hear to be instantly interested in your businesses’ offering?

4. How can you get your prospects to believe, 100%, that your product or service will be everything they want and everything you promise?

5. What irresistible switching incentive offer you could make that would be impossible for a competitor’s client or prospect to refuse or ignore?

6. What strategies and incentives would make your competitors’ clients and prospects switch over to your business?

7. Given the fact that a prospective client is interested in your offering, what would convince them to choose your business first over those of all your competitors?

8. What do prospects want that your competitors are not providing?

9. As a typical prospect, what work, or life conditions must pre-exist for them to be a prime candidate for your product or service?

10. How can you prove or illustrate absolute credibility for your product or service?

Building your “client stealing” advertising and marketing campaign around a client value proposition messaging answering the questions above will put you miles ahead of the completion!


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