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Owner Exit Planning

You started your business with a plan to make a great living, make a difference, perhaps eventually sell it and then have a great

post-ownership "retirement" life...



Over the past couple of years as I’ve coached business owners and their managers on how to market and grow their brands using my Chain Reactions Marketing® System, I’ve repeatedly run into Baby Boomer and mid-50’s Gen X business owners who have given little or no thought as to how they will eventually exit their businesses. And let’s face it, sooner or later, every business owner leaves his or her business.

The indisputable fact that every business owner will eventually leave their business behind is the kind of truth that applies to every business around the world and across all business categories – manufacturing, HVAC contractors & services, home improvement, retail, bars & restaurants, legal & financial services and even online Internet businesses.

Unfortunately for many of these business owners, most (if not all) of their personal wealth is often tied up in their businesses, and even worse, most have no real plan for how to extract it when they leave so they can live the type of post-ownership lifestyle they’ve always envisioned for themselves and their families. That’s why I started to include Owner Exit Planning as part of my overall Executive Coaching Service offering.


Using my proven Exit Panning Process I'll help you prepare your business and yourself (mentally, financially and emotionally) for that eventual day when you sell your business to a third party, sell it to your employees, sell it to family members, or just close it down and walk away.

Whichever Exit path you eventually choose, don’t let it come as a surprise due to an illness or another catastrophic life event! Long-term preparation in advance (on the order of three to five years) is critical for any chosen Exit path and the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be prepared for that day when you can reap the rewards of all those years of hard work and sacrifice.

As your professional Exit planning advisor, there are several ways we can work together.

  • Long-term personal coaching/advisory relationship

  • 1-day on-site exit readiness review

  • 12-month strategic marketing consulting program to build your business value

  • Long term minimal retainer Fee with a percentage contingency on Exit (only applies to solid businesses with 7 or 8 figure revenues or more)


I bring the most value to your business (and ultimately your personal wealth) when we work together to build a long-term relationship rather than just hiring me at the last minute to help you rush towards an unexpected exit.

When you wait until the last minute before you start thinking about how to get your money out of your business, or to figure out what it’s worth, here’s what happens:

  1. You have fewer choices and less time to make your business deal attractive

  2. Your valuation will be lower, typically leaving 30%-50% the value on the table

  3. The buyer holds all the cards

  4. You and the business take a bigger tax hit

  5. You risk walking away without enough money to fund your retirement/reinvention dream.


Most business owners fail to achieve their dream and get out of their businesses with the wealth they desire because of a lack of planning and forethought. In fact, it’s estimated that only 5% of small business owners exit with the wealth necessary to live their post-ownership lifestyle they’ve always envisioned.  And the saddest part is, this situation is preventable.


When you work with a professional exit planning advisor you can get out on your own terms and in a manner that optimizes your financial position so you can be one of that prepared and highly rewarded 5%.


When you choose me as your professional advisor, here’s what I’ll do for you:

I’ll take a comprehensive strategic look at your business. Where it’s currently at in it life-cycle phase. I’ll review your current product offering, price positioning, business systems and your readiness to serve your most profitable market and customers, all with the objective of identifying ways to increase revenues and profitability to increase your businesses’ current valuation.


Then I’ll help you assemble your perfect Deal Team including an expert valuation analyst, attorney, business broker and any other professional services we decide are required. Remember, this is a long-term process so we’ll bring in these additional experts at the point in time where their services are needed.

If you have an interest in working with me to build your business and plan for your future, I’d very much like to speak with you today. Just click on the button below to schedule a convenient time for us to talk.

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