Helping business owners transform average, commoditized, businesses into differentiated and preeminent market leaders so they can make more money. That's my passion. That's what lights me up! 


My mission is to help you add more value to your business than you ever dreamed possible by sharing my experiences, proprietary marketing systems and professional network connections that you can use to immediately improve your financial results and your own personal prosperity. 


Bottom line, I'm here to help you build your business so you can live the lifestyle you want today as well as prepare you for selling it (whenever you're ready) so you can also live the "post ownership" lifestyle you've always imagined!


If your goal is to grow and/or sell your business (perhaps you're a serial entrepreneur or retiring founder) as a Certified Executive Coach I'll be your guide to growing your business to a highly profitable and "deal attractive" EBITDA. 


From planning to execution, I'll coach you through all the strategies and decisions that can help you maximize your businesses' current performance (and valuation) while preparing you mentally and emotionally for the Ownership Exit Process.

If your needs call for more than just a business coach, I can also work as your Strategic Consultant in a “hybrid" coach-consultant role. This means I'll offer you the best of both worlds: (done-with-you coaching combined with done-for-you consulting.)



With over 30 years of Engineering, Marketing and Business Management experience… gained while working for and with some of the world's best companies such as United Parcel Service, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Donuts2Go.com, Match-Marks.com, and others… John Weisenberger is an author, speaker and certified business coach best known as the creator of the Chain Reactions Marketing® System that’s being used by savvy business owners to generate more leads, increase customer loyalty and drive higher profitability in virtually any market or industry.

Sales & Marketing Training

John Weisenberger's keynotes and workshop presentations reveal insider secrets and tools that are both streamlined and incredibly time efficient. He clearly explains how leveraging strategic channel partnerships using his proprietary Chain Reactions Marketing® Endorsement Partner Formula™ can quickly and easily accelerate a businesses' sales and market reach. His proven system offers simple solutions to effectively implement business transformation that creates massive customer loyalty, more referrals and increased profits.

Online Training & Group Coaching

Are you ready for a simple way to generate more leads, close more sales, and have more success growing your business?

The Endorsement Partner Formula™ is a proven training and group coaching program for generating a consistent flow of leads, prospects and sales - FAST, without spending money on ads, creating mountains of content, building out complex funnels, or being trapped at your computer all day.

One-On-One Executive Coaching

You started your business with a plan to make a great living, make a difference, perhaps eventually sell it and then have a great post-ownership "retirement" life...



Feeling trapped now?

Spending all your time at work?

Not making enough money for the time you're putting in?  

Can't decide if you should sell your business, shutter it, or keep on going?

Need to reboot your Sales & Marketing efforts to get things growing again?

I Can Help... Let's Talk.

What They're Saying

“John - I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided my company throughout our recent "corporate image makeover." I'm now a firm believer in the importance of having a brand management strategy for even a small business like mine. I really appreciate the extra attention and coaching you provided throughout the process and I look forward to other opportunities to leverage your company's expertise in the future."

- Jim Folger, One Source Technical Inc.

“John’s the real deal. He has a genuine desire to share his 30 plus years of marketing knowledge and lessons leaned and always has his client’s best interest at heart. I learned more about  how to maximize the true lifetime value of my clients in that one hour than in any other program. I look forward to working with John any chance I get.” 

- Yifat Cohen, Gplusgotogal.com

- Jennifer Schaus, JenniferSchaus.com

"John covers the many facets of being successful in a global marketplace; the business components you have thought of - and the ones you have not"

“your program, the "Endorsement Partner Formula,” has been very beneficial to me. Over the years I’ve seen several Endorsement Marketing educational programs, but none have been the comprehensive, high caliber, you’ve developed. I’ve learned so much and am sure it will definitely affect the productivity of my partnering efforts. I would absolutely recommend you and your program to other businesses to help them be productive in their business networking and partnering too. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the "Endorsement Partner Formula" program.” ""

- Steven Cox, Steven VonLoren Marketing Strategists

““John has been instrumental in providing me a with a sounding board for strategic decision making. He is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas and never fails to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.”  

- Ray Svetichan II, R.S.E., LLC 

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