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Yes, it can be done!


In this free five-day challenge, you'll learn the step-by-step system I've personally used to locate and form marketing partnerships that deliver all the new leads and clients I can handle. I've taught this SAME system to startups and established business owners who consistently get rave results, bigger customer lists, and you guessed it - a significant boost in their new leads and sales.


Are you ready to meet your perfect business boosting marketing partner?

I love a good challenge.


I find it much easier to stay on task and to keep myself accountable when someone is challenging me with specific things to do for my business.

A good challenge helps you to focus on just one thing and it sets a deadline.  When I only have 1 day or 1 week to complete a single task, it sharpens my focus and I get hustling!

This 5 day challenge is for people who feel disappointed with their current sales and marketing strategy and are looking for a fresh idea on lead generation and new customer acquisition. 

It’s for business owners and marketers who need a little bit of extra focus and a little nudge. It’s also for those of us who like to challenge themselves and rise to the occasion.

The challenge isn’t hard to follow. Each day you’ll get tips and hints and, of course, your task for the day. All you need to do is read the articles, watch videos, print worksheets and do the work. I urge you to embrace the activities and make the most of each task.

When you make it to the last day, I’ll share my secret tool with you that has completely changed the way I work in my business. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the challenge! Just click the large black, gray or orange buttons below to get started.


Join this challenge to give yourself and your business a real boost and growth opportunity.  Challenge related tasks and worksheets (as well as tips and hints) will be delivered at the same time each day via email so you'll know when you can get started on the day's task. There will also be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions plus an end-of-the-day group Q&A conference call where you get your questions answered. Don't miss this limited time opportunity. Join now!

5 Days to Success  

"If you commit to the challenge and complete each of the daily tasks, you'll discover your perfect marketing partner that will up level your leads generation and new business opportunities more than you can imagine"

Who can benefit from taking this 5 day challenge?

  • Accountants, Bookkeepers

  • Attorneys ( Estate, Business, Intellectual Property)

  • Consultants (M&A, Manufacturing)

  • Financial Managers

  • Health and Wellness (Life Coaches, Massage Therapists, Reiki Healers)

  • IT Consultants and Service Providers

  • Local Trades (Painters, Plumbers, Electrical, HVAC, Landscapers, etc.)

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Manufacturers

  • Retailers (online, offline)


It doesn't matter if your business is large or small, startup or established, forming mutually beneficial marketing partnership is the fastest, lowest cost, way of generating new leads and acquiring new customer, clients or patients

In This Step-by-Step Training You'll Learn:

Day #1

Your Day #1 task will be to complete a worksheet exercise where you'll determine how a marketing partnership can help you reach your business goals. This day #1 task helps you identify exactly what you hope to receive from a Marketing Partnership. For example:

  • Access to new markets

  • A successful product or service launch

  • Increasing conversion rates

  • Increased sales and profits

  • A boost in reputation

  • Building a pool of prospects

  • Access to better staff, software, hardware, and other resources

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Improvement in the quality of your products and services

  • Establishment of important business connections

Day #2

Your Day #2 task will be to research suitable marketing partners. Essentially you will be thinking through potential partners within your existing network and then researching prospects outside your network. You will make a list of these potential partners and then use Worksheet #2 to assess and rank each potential partner you've identified picking the top 3 candidates to contact.

Day #3

Your Day #3 task will be to create your marketing partnership "recruitment" email and voice mail script describing your marketing partnership proposal. You will do this using the special language and "hot button"  recruitment tips I'll give you during the challenge. You'll then send this very powerful recruitment email to your top 3 partner candidates before the end of Day #3.

Day #4

Your Day #4 task will be to follow up your recruitment email with a phone call to your top 3 partner candidates using the script describing your marketing partnership proposal you created on day #3. If there is no answer you will leave a voice mail using the same script and approach. This call will be very short only requesting an appointment for a further phone or in-person conversation.

Day #5

Day #5 will be a follow-up day for reaching out to any partner candidates you haven't been able to contact. It will also be a celebration day for recognizing each challenge participant who was able to contact at least one of your top 3 potential partners. The celebration Facebook live award will take place at 2:00 PM EST on Friday November 8th so mark your calendars today!

Partnership Marketing just works… It worked for me… I’m just like you... I struggled… I was trying everything… I was overwhelmed, frustrated… wasting a lot of money on things that didn’t work… until I started doing less and getting more results. I stopped my content marketing... fired my social media virtual assistant… all I needed was a network of strategic marketing partners to generate all the high quality leads my business could handle. I know you can have this success too so trust your gut and join my 5 day challenge before registration closes on November 1st.

See you there!


John Weisenberger

Founder, Chain Reactions Marketing®

"The right partnerships are by far the most effective way to increase brand awareness, grow your audience, monetize assets, and find money. It’s no wonder good marketing partnerships deliver an average 9 to 1 return on investment. Can you say that about your Adwords or SEO campaign?"

- Simone Novello,Wentworth Falls, Australia 

© 2019  Arcadium Group LLC - dba Chain Reactions Marketing®


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